ETFE ultra+

Chemical protection at the highest level with the best permeation properties

The material for this Fluorpolymer-coating, which will be applied with a specific method, is highly resistant against chemicals and acids, and has extraordinarily advantages, compared with common coating and lining systems.

ETFE ultra+ has an extraordinary, universal chemical resistance at high temperatures and is excellent when under clean room conditions.

This coating is also available in a conductive version, is repairable on site, solvent-resistant, easy to clean thanks to its anti-adhesive surface that is non-flammable and is resistant to cold.

Special Features

  • Seamless coating for virtually all forms
  • No welds
  • Superior bond to the metal substrate
  • Excellent permeation through use of fillers, compared to commercially available PFA coatings
  • Layer thicknesses of 200 microns to 2 mm possible
  • Comparable with our PFA ulta+ - but the more economic solution!